Advantages of using ready mix concrete batching plant

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Concrete is one of the important construction ingredients in the world. It is used as a fundamental material for building roads, buildings and other structures. Concrete is a mix of various materials like cement, sand, gravel, water and others. Ready mix concrete is a kind of concrete that is manufactured using a concrete batching plant in a factory according to the set recipe and then it is delivered to the site using a transit mixer. This concrete mixture is delivered to the site in a freshly mixed and unhardened state.

Ready mix concrete is also known as the customized concrete product which can be used for building strong and durable structures. Ready mix concrete batching plant helps in producing specialty concrete mixtures which are prepared according to the user’s mix design or industry standard.

Advantages of using ready mix concrete over on site mixing

Ready mix concrete is more advantageous when compared to on site concrete mixing plant as it mixes the concrete in a desired ratio. This gives assurance that the concrete has the desired structural strength, workability and durability. Varying the ratio of concrete ingredients like sand, cement, and aggregate helps in producing a special concrete, which becomes more suitable for modern day construction.

Ready mix batching plants have advanced mixers which ensures that the concrete is mixed uniformly. The mixers include components like twin shaft, tilt and pan mixers which help in uniform mixing of concrete ingredients.

The ready mix concrete plants have advanced computerized systems which include automatic weighing system, conveyors, heaters and chillers. Thus, it makes the production process fast, accurate and gives a consistent mix.

The production and transportation of ready mix concrete are done under a controlled environment, preventing the physical change of the concrete mixture and also ensures that the process flows as intended.

Ready mix concrete batching plant protects the environment from harmful dust, which is emitted during the production and transportation process. Thus, it prevents environmental pollution at construction sites.

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The next step is the dust removal of cement silo. It is a general practice to install the dust collector on the top of the cement warehouse in order to reduce the dust pollution.

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