Historical development in concrete batching plant

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Concrete batching plants have grown over time due to the increased demand for concrete in the real estate and commercial construction industry. There are different types of concrete batching plants used these days to cater for the high demand and to improve the productivity and efficiency.

Before the invention of concrete batching plant, conventional mixing method or the traditional mixing method was used, where the concrete ingredients were mixed manually by the workers. The first self loaded concrete mixers was introduced in the 20th century. It was driven by steam to increase the productivity. Then the self loaded concrete mixers developed over the years and better concrete mixers were established. The later had tilting mechanisms, double cone mixers and other special features which improve the process of the feed and transit. The next innovation was the compulsory concrete mixers, which were vertical spindle and horizontal shaft concrete mixers. These mixers could carry huge loads of materials and produce maximum output needed for the big construction projects.

Technological developments of concrete batching plants

As the need for production increased, large concrete batching plants were innovated. These batching plants were developed with advanced features like efficient mixing, computerized control system and water and energy consumption. These concrete mixing plants have also been improved much to meet the ever increasing demand for the uniform mixing and quality concrete products. The present age concrete batching plants are able to mix all the ingredients in exact proportion. There are different types of concrete plants like compact, combined, vertical and horizontal plants.

Present day batching plants are also designed for use in specialized operations like ready mix concrete batching plant and mobile batching plants. Modern concrete batching plants have a computerized control system, dynamic display, sensors and other control devices to ensure accurate feeding and mixing process. This helps in improving the efficiency of the production and increases the output. Recently, mobile concrete batching plants were developed, which allows for easy and simple transportation. Mobile concrete batching plants have a high degree of automation system and computerized control features. All the local and international batching plants have similar features, but international concrete plants have better automation features than the local ones.

Thus, self loading mixers were the base of the concrete batching plants. German Plant Experience (GPE) is one of the leading manufacturer and distributor of Concrete Batching Plants, Cement Silos, Cement Terminals, and Pugmills to construction companies around the world. They offer the most technologically advanced concrete batching plant which has a high processing capacity and yield high quality concrete.