Horizontal Mobile Cement Silo are much sought after product by Concrete manufacturing companies for their ease of working, mobility, productivity and lack of any special civil works.With optional telescopic legs, these concrete silos do not need a crane to be loaded or unloaded from a trailer, or to be installed in an open yard.

As a leading mobile cement silo manufacturer, we offer Mobile Cement Silos equipped with Load Cells for continuous weight measurement for accurate batching and cement stock management, depending upon the requirement of the client. The silos can also be equipped with time based cement dosing.

The Mobile Cement Silo can be incorporated with a much slower Cement Dosing (for example – Mobile Cement Silo for Pugmill) or much Higher rate (for example – Concrete batching Plant) as per client specifications. Mobile Cement Silos are manufactured to specific requirements of our clients, and offered with specialised add-on features that our clients may like to have.Tailor making these silos exactly as per the requirements of our clients is a special characteristics of these silos. These Mobile Cement Silos are compatible to be loaded by the Normal Cement truck thereby ensuring that they can be used with existing available infrastructure at most construction sites.

These silos come with the following broad specifications

CAPACITY (M3) 38 45 52 66 76
AUGER OUTPUT HEIGHT (M) 4.2 4.2 4.2 4.2 4.2
AUGER OUTPUT (M³/HOUR) 20 20 20 20 20
POWER (KW) 13 13 14.5 18 20
DIMENSIONSHxWxL (M) 2.7×2.45 x10.3 3.0×2.45 x10.3 3.0×2.45 x12.2 3.0×2.95 x13.1 3.0×2.95 x14.9
  • Since the weight of Silo as well as that of the loaded cement is distributed over a large area, these silos do not need any special foundations or civil works. A well compacted, levelled ground is sufficient in most of the cases. This saves a lot of money in civil works and associated approvals that might be required from the local building authorities.
  • These Mobile Cement Silos are easy to transport from one location to another without the use of a crane. Their telescopic legs assist in mounting and de-mounting from a flat bed trailer.
  • Special features can be added on specific requirements of the client.
  • Can be coupled with an Auger (Screw Conveyor) for unloading of cement.

By customizing our Concrete Plants to our clients’ specific requirements, we can offer Wet Concrete Batching Plants or Dry Concrete Batching Plants.With our associated offices in Germany, Italy and Middle East, we are able to strike the perfect balance between a Competitive Price and Continuous Upgrades in the Technology for the benefit of our worldwide clients.

By customizing our Concrete Plants to our clients’ specific requirements, we can offer Wet Concrete Batching Plants or Dry Concrete Batching Plants.

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