New order for Precast Concrete Batching Plant from Melbourne.

By August 1, 2017 No Comments

A new and upcoming Concrete Pipe and Manhole factory in Dandenong, Melbourne has placed an order for State of the art concrete batching plant complete with Steel Cement Silos and conveying system on German plant experience. The client discussed with concrete batching plant manufacturers all over the world before finalising the contract with German Plant Experience.

This concrete factory is using latest technology from Germany to manufacture large Diameter concrete pipes and manholes using precast vibrations.  Some of the products will be reinforced using steel rebar, thereby increasing the strength off these concrete products.

The batching plant is completely autonomous right from feeding by aggregate trucks.  The aggregate trucks discharge sand and crushed stones in an underground bin large enough to receive all load in a single truck. The material is then transported to appropriate aggregate bins using an inclined conveyor ensuring right material goes into the appropriate bin using a reversing shuttle conveyor.

The concrete mixing plant will have two identical planetary mixers feeding the concrete pipe machines using State of the art flying bucket to convey fresh concrete at various locations in the factory.  Running at full capacity, the concrete batching plant will manufacture more than 100 cubic metres of fresh concrete per hour. Precise cement mixing will be ensured using highest quality wet mixers from Germany that ensure trouble free manufacturing of concrete by the cement batching plant for decades.

Cement will be stored in four Cement Silos, each of 100 MT cement capacity. Cement will be conveyed using Cement Screws (Augers) from Cement Silos to weighers ensuring precise dosing of cement. All Cement Silos will come galvanised from the manufacturer to ensure resistant to the elements and avoid rusting of steel cement silos in long run. Two cement silos will cater to the requirement of each concrete batching plant. High level of precision is maintained and Cement Silos manufacturers ensure that there are absolutely no issues in assembly of these silos at site.

Use of automatic moisture sensing and control has been used to ensure that the concrete is produced to exact specifications at all times. The moisture control system automatically senses the amount of moisture in the raw material and accordingly doses the right quantity of water in the mixer. Made in Germany, these moisture control systems are used, tested and appreciated by concrete batching plant manufacturers all over the world.

Appropriate chemical doing system are included to ensure that the concrete batching plant manufactures the precise recipe of concrete. The quality of concrete required is extremely high in such cases and clients engage only very high quality concrete batching plant manufacturers.

The plant comes with WebCon, a German proprietary Control system used by concrete plant manufacturers not only to automate the plant, but also to improve accuracy and production.

The concrete batching plant manufacturers and designers have ensured that the plant is manufactured to highest standards of performance and safety. Before manufacturing, the cement mixing plant will be certified using local Australian Standards to ensure compliance with local regulations. The plant is expected to be commissioned in early 2018.