German Plant Experience, one of the leading pugmill manufacturers, offers complete inhouse design of Pugmill Systems, specifically manufactured to individual requirements of our worldwide clients. Manufactured from capacities from 200TPH to 600 TPH, they cater to individual requirements of our worldwide clients.
GPE offers total turnkey solutions for the complete Pugmill system (Soil Stabilizations Plants) on a single source responsibility basis.Our pugmill systems have special designs for manufacturing of products with temperatures up to 250℃,  handled by efficient use of Special Insulating Material, Ventilation System, Special Mixer Sealing and Belts with capabilities to handle high temperature products. This is especially useful in manufacturing Cold Asphalt Mix using high temperature products from an Asphalt plant, continuously mixing it with other aggregates to produce baggable Cold Asphalt Mix.

Applications of Pugmill Plants

Cement Treated Base : One of the primary products manufactured by our Pugmills is the Cement Treated Base (CTB) used as Road base under the final Asphalt Layers during construction of roads. Precise dosing of cementitious materials like cement, asphalt & flyash etc gives great strength to the final mix.

Road Base :  Used as a low cost, high strength mix for construction of roads and highways.. Typically, road base would be transported in Dumper Trucks, spread evenly on the area and compacted repeatedly using rollers.

Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) : A very precise dosing of Cement and water to produce concrete with low slump, to be finally placed using Asphalt Paving Equipment with further compaction by heavy vibratory rollers. RCC is liberally used in construction of Heavy Duty Structural projects like dams. The mixing arms, also known as paddles, use heavy force to produce a homogeneous mix of RCC by vigorous mixing the aggregates together.

Cold Mix Asphalt : Manufacturing of Cold Mix Asphalt (CMA) is done by mixing asphalt in cutback or emulsified form with precisely dosed aggregates. Our systems come prepared to be used upto 2500C to ensure proper mixing at all times. The Pugmill Continuous mixer in such plants is properly insulated with ventilation; and all handling equipment is capable of handling high temperature products on a continuous basis. The aggregates accepted in this case may vary from granular soil with high particulate matter to dense crusher material making the whole system as a very flexible one.

Hazardous Soil Mixing (Oil Recycling) :As a leading Pugmill manufacturer, our pugmills are very beneficial in recycling of all types of bio hazardous oils by mixing them with aggregates and cement in our continuous mixer to produce concrete that stop leaching of contamination. Additional cleaning/stabilizing chemical may also be dosed into the mix to ensure stability of the eventual mix. Normally, such products are used as a landfill in different parts of the world.

Mine Backfill : GPE Pugmills are also used to manufacture low strength concrete suitable as a backfill for many applications like abandoned mines, shafts & pipes, manholes and utility Trenches.

Continuous Batching

Aggregates stored in multiple compartments are designed to clients’ specific requirements,  mounted on a rugged Industrial Steel Frame. The aggregates are then discharged through multiple cones simultaneously using continuous weighing volumetric conveyor belts onto the extractor belt. Using highly precise continuous weighing system ensures precise measuring on a continuous basis at all operating times.  Cement Silo stores the cement, and conveyed using a screw conveyor to a Cement measuring hopper. Volumetric measurement of Cement in Cement Hopper, equipped with vibrator, ensures correct volume of Cement is dosed at all times. Water is also measured volumetrically for precision.

Continuous Mixer

Industrial quality, continuous twin shaft mixer made from high grade, high abrasion resistant annealed steel is used in all our pugmill plants with the following major properties:

  • Twin-shaft continuous mixing with both synchronized and opposite rotation.
  • Internal hopper with heat-hardened steel with interchangeable lining plates.
  • 40 or more mixing blades depending upon the chosen mixer.
  • Complete with safety/protective measures and devices, inspection potholes with electrical installation on board.
  • Support frame equipped with galvanized service walkway and access stair for maintenance and washing as a standard feature.
  • As a standard, our plants come equipped with a Waiting Hopper of suitable capacity for the Concrete to accumulate post mixing to allow time between two trucks without stopping the production. This increases the overall production significantly.

Automation Control System

A PLC controlled Touch Screen Control system ensures that the production is optimized at all times by proper control of all functions. The Control System has complete command over all functions of Extracting Belts, Vibrators, Conveyor Belts, Screw Conveyors, Water System, Continuous Mixer. Recipe management can also be done by the Control system thereby eliminating the process of repeat entry of the required parameters.

By customizing our Concrete Plants to our clients’ specific requirements, we can offer Wet Concrete Batching Plants or Dry Concrete Batching Plants.With our associated offices in Germany, Italy and Middle East, we are able to strike the perfect balance between a Competitive Price and Continuous Upgrades in the Technology for the benefit of our worldwide clients.

By customizing our Concrete Plants to our clients’ specific requirements, we can offer Wet Concrete Batching Plants or Dry Concrete Batching Plants.

Definition – Pugmill [ˈpʌgmɪl]

A machines that volumetrically and continuously measures specified quantities of sand, crushed aggregates, cement, water and chemicals and mixes them homogeneously to continuously produce low slump concrete. Other materials like ground slag (GGBS), fly ash, microsilica, lime and other materials may also be added depending upon the individual requirements.

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