State of the art batching plants for Dubai Creek Harbour

For almost two decades now, GPE LLC has been one of the leading suppliers of concrete batching systems in the entire Arab region. Countless construction sites and large iconic projects are supplied with ready-mix concrete produced according to international standards on GPE batching plants now also including one of the largest and most prestigous construction projects in the Middle East.

Dubai Creek Harbour, when completed, will be one of the largest developments in the city and the largest walk able community. The project features a number of civic and cultural attractions, including a 30 HA central park and a new waterfront development on Dubai Creek.

To cover the huge amount of concrete needed for this mgea project Rakmix Readymix LLC has been chosen as one of three companies to setup batching plants inside Dubai Creek Harbour for the onsite concrete delivery.

GPE LLC received the order to install two semi mobile batching plants complying with the latest standards and technology. With the new type 120-6-4-SEMMOB GPE has installed two state of the art plants fully erected on steel frames without the use of expensive concrete foundations.

Both plants are in fully galvanized version and each possesses six aggregate bins with a total storage volume of 240m³. Two bunkers per plant are equipped with Ludwig moisture measuring probes, which register the exact moisture content using microwave technology and transfer the value ascertained to the WEBCon control unit.

Rapid aggregate batching is ensured by three bins delivering batches onto two independent weighing belts. This means that two aggregates can always be batched simultaneously. The two weighing belts discharge at a central point onto an elevating conveyor with a slatted belt of 1,000 mm in width.

The elevating belt discharges into a waiting hopper with a 4,500 litres volume, so that a complete batch of aggregates is always ready to be discharged directly into the mixer. Two BHS type DKXS 3.0 twin-shaft mixers are employed – a mixer that has been successfully used in operations for many decades now.

The weighing module with its integrated cement, water and aggregate weighing system is located above the mixer. All GPE weighing systems are designed for great accuracy in batching and thus guarantee the operator continuous production of high-quality concrete complying with all international standards.

GPE supplied all the binding agent silos for cement and micro-silica as well. A total of eight cement silos each with a storage capacity of 200 tons, plus two micro-silica silos each of 60 tons are in operation. Each silo has been fitted with a separate cartridge filter with pneumatic cleaning device with the aim of fulfilling strict emissions requirements.

In addition, GPE standard equipment for binding agent silos includes a safety device for under and over pressure, level indicators, plus pulsators at the silo outlet, which ensure that the cement can be discharged without problems.

In order to meet the demands placed on the plant software by the client, the GPE control software WEBCon is used. WEBCon has been in use for almost two decades on innumerable mixing plants in the entire Middle East, amongst others at the Burj Khalifa, the Palm Island, the New Doha International Airport or the Doha Metro.

The latest web technology in connection with standard software components guarantees the user a high degree of flexibility and operator friendliness. Clear menus and self-explanatory buttons provide the operator with maximum operating convenience and a very good overview.

A decisive factor in securing this order, besides complying with numerous quality specifications, was the assurance of providing a complete service package comprised of permanent spare part availability and ongoing service. GPE, with its team of more than ten service technicians, is readily capable of offering its customers an optimum after sales service.

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