German Plant Experience is a well known and established Bolted Steel Panel Cement Silo manufacturer and supplier to Concrete and Cement Industry all over the world. An asset to any manufacturer of Concrete or associated products, these Cement Silos are available in a variety of sizes to suit the industry requirements.

These Steel Panel Cement Silos are manufactured in Italy to exact specifications of the client. The Cement Silos are then flat packed and transported in shipping containers and bolted at site. These panel bolted modular Cement Silos are available in diameters from 3,500 mm to 12,500 mm to cater to different Cement Silo needs of the clients depending upon their storage requirements. The modular construction of silos gives us the flexibility to ship the silos to all corners of the world without excessive volumes normally associated with Silo Transport. Since the Silo sizes are optimised for Shipping containers, it also gives the ease of transport on trucks once the same are unloaded from the ship.

GPE, being a leading cement silo manufacturer, our Cement Silos are offered in capacities from 50m³ to 3,000m³ thereby meeting almost all sizes in between and catering to specific requirements of our worldwide clientele. Erection of Cement Silos can be done using local people and resources, although our factory trained engineers are always available for supervision. Such arrangement keeps the erection costs under control as our clients do not need crews and erection of our equipment necessarily from the factory. With high degree of manufacturing accuracy and complete support of the factory, you can be assured of a seamless process till the silo is put to actual production. At your request, we provide Erection Supervisors to make sure that the Silos conform to the highest standards of safety and productivity. The Cement Silo steel panels are water-proofed by a special gasket which is supplied with every unit. However, our silos cannot be used for any pressurized application.

In addition to Cement Silos, GPE also supplies compatible cement silo accessories like Silo Filters, Silo Level Indicators, Butterfly valves etc.all over the world.

German Plant Experience can also supply modified Silos for the following applications :

  • Fly Ash Silo
  • Ground Slag Silos
  • Starch Silos
  • Ore Silos
  • Quick Lime Silos
  • Dry Bulk Silos

We offer our Cement Storage Silos in the following volumes, with the corresponding diameter indicated. The height of Silos changes depending upon the final volume of the Silo.

FROM 50 TO 110 m³
FROM 140 TO 250 m³
FROM 215 TO 400 m³
FROM 350 TO 630 m³
FROM 600 TO 1770 m³
FROM 1800 TO 3000 m³

All Cement Silos provided by us offers excellent and durable bulk hold and cement discharge system that lasts and works ceaselessly for years. The high popularity of our Cement Silos is because of their ability to directly feed into mixer trucks or concrete batching plants directly by Cement Screws or telescopic chutes without any additional attachments..The cement silos are designed for bulk discharge with no blockages whatsoever, lasting over the years on continuous service basis. We provide installation and erection supervision of our cement silos at your desired site, all around the world.

The fluidisation at the bottom of Cement Silo by means of nipples at strategic places in the cone ensures that Cement remains in fluid state encouraging continuous discharge minimising any clogging.

The overlapping steel panels that form the walls and roof of the silo are joined using high quality neoprene rubber seals that prevents any water seepages, making the silos waterproof.

By customizing our Concrete Plants to our clients’ specific requirements, we can offer Wet Concrete Batching Plants or Dry Concrete Batching Plants.With our associated offices in Germany, Italy and Middle East, we are able to strike the perfect balance between a Competitive Price and Continuous Upgrades in the Technology for the benefit of our worldwide clients.

By customizing our Concrete Plants to our clients’ specific requirements, we can offer Wet Concrete Batching Plants or Dry Concrete Batching Plants.

Definition – Cement Silo [ sɪˈmɛnt ˈsaɪləʊ]

A container for bulk storage of Cement, normally manufactured from Steel or Concrete.  Other construction materials like ground slag (GGBS), fly ash, microsilica, lime and other powdered materials may also be stored in similar containers.

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